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Pantry Closet Design

June 1, 2019
Pantry Closet Design

Pantry Closet Design

You can save a lot if you purchase non-perishable things in bulk. However, if you buy items in large quantity, you have to properly store them. In this case, you need to have a good closet system. An excellent pantry closet design can make your kitchen chores easy and delightful. It can also save you from the work of guessing what you need to shop.

A good pantry closet design is a sure way to create a storeroom that’s really neat and organized and it usually results to well-functioning and better-looking space. When you put in a well-designed closet in your pantry, every item that you will place inside it will have an organized and standard compartment to go. So instead of having your canned goods and spices crammed in the kitchen or having the pots and pans improperly stacked up, think of a functional pantry closet design.

To achieve a practical design and a good closet system for your pantry, you need a little planning. Through this, you can choose the type of things that should be placed in the pantry. The closet for a food pantry, for example, should have drawers for sauce mixes and spices, and specialized rotating apparatus for canned goods. But if you need a closet for a combination pantry, the design should be a bit different.

Just remember that the key in making a useful pantry closet design is to make sure that all the things placed in it can be easily seen and quickly inventoried. And of course, this will need a careful planning.

Ways to Achieve a Functional Pantry Closet Design

• Eliminate everything that does not belong to the pantry. The items that do not fit in your pantry should be removed ruthlessly and placed either to the right closet or to the trash bin.

• Improve access. Since the pantry closets usually have deep shelves, employing sliding shelf organizers or roll-out drawers can help you easily find what you’re looking for. Having roll-out drawers means no more poking around for the things placed to the back of the shelves.

• Make the storage space bigger. The shelf area can be doubled by expanding wire racks. Some items can be placed under them while others can be placed on tops. Using wire racks are really much safer than stacking cans. An organizer on the door of the closet can provide storeroom for small packages that can easily be misplaced when placed on shelves while the over-the-door organizer can be the place for medicines and vitamins so they can be kept out of children’s reach. This can also be the right compartment for the things that you used everyday. Expanding the closet’s shelf can also provide storage for paper goods.

• Combine and clarify items. The items put inside the bags or boxes such as cereal, pasta and chips can be transferred into transparent plastic containers that are capable of storing food stuffs compactly while allowing to you see right away what’s inside.

A pantry closet design that’s efficient enough can truly turn an unorganized pantry into a neat, attractive and very functional spot in your home. By making items in the pantry easy to locate, a well-organized closet will save you not just time but also trouble and annoyance. Moreover, if you have a functional closet, you won’t be shopping for things you already have, but can’t be located.

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