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Oriental Bathroom Vanities

June 21, 2019
Oriental Bathroom Vanities

Oriental Bathroom Vanities

Oriental designs have become more and more popular in recent times due to their sophistication and elegance. A lot of products used in interior design and other home items have adopted the style and some individuals would not hesitate to spend thousands of dollars just to get the look that they want. You can get the same look at a fraction of the cost for your bathroom vanity.

Choosing Wisely

First, you need to know the right tones and materials that constitute an Oriental design. Styles from the East are bolder when it comes to choosing color. Red, mahogany, gold, black and white are some of the most popular colors in the Orient. There are several materials that bring out these tones effectively such as mahogany, cherry and maple wood. There may also be synthetic materials which are much cheaper.

Some types of wood are cheaper and only polished to render an almost identical feel. Expensive vanity models are usually available in antique shops or online which can be shipped directly from huge exporters like China and Thailand. You may also get away with cheaper designs from thrift shops, flea markets and a few furniture stores.

Other materials that bring out the Oriental effect include natural stones like granite and porcelain, brass, black iron, glass and bamboo. These items usually come as trimmings while granite and porcelain are usually used for vanity tops and sinks. These can come in as complimentary materials for the wooden base. By looking at several pictures of Oriental bathroom vanity designs on the internet and in books, you will notice that certain color combinations between the materials as well as authentic designs are what truly makes them unique. Popular color combinations would be black and white, red and gold and black and red.

Maintenance Tips

It is important to keep your vanity protected to make it last for years to come. You may want to redo the finish to add more richness. Finishing should be done both on the outside as well as the interiors up to the rear surfaces to avoid deterioration. Apply a clear coat to the wood for more definition and depth. You may also want to re-polish other materials like metals and glass if there are any. White vanities will require warmer white painted finishes and laminate so as to control the brightness.

Since your Oriental bathroom vanity is exposed constantly to moisture as well as changing temperatures, you may want to refinish and wax the surface. Apply wax using a cloth and allow it to dry. Afterwards, use a cloth saturated in turpentine to take off the white lines from the wax and a toothbrush to remove anything else present in the crevices. Wash everything with warm water and mild soap then rinse with fresh water and dry well with a towel. Wax the surface a second time using slow circular strokes.

Grease and scratches will likely develop in most Oriental designs. Stain scratches using iodine. Break a butternut into two and place one of into the blemish. Liquid shoe dye may be applied directly on the scratch to revive the color. For grease, place a blotter and warm iron on the spot until it is eliminated. Apply liquid spot remover to the area then brush away dry residue after.

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