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Italian Bathroom Vanities

June 24, 2019
Italian Bathroom Vanities

Italian Bathroom Vanities

If you’re planning to add a touch of elegance and style in your bathroom, there’s nothing better than Italian vanities. There are a lot of them in various sizes, colors and styles that will surely meet your aesthetic and functional needs. You also have to learn the original features which make Italian vanities very unique and popular.

Italian Materials

Italian marble and granite from Italy are two of the most popular materials used in vanities. These create a very comfortable and classy aura in the bathroom with their dramatic lines, specks and detail. Marble vanity tops can come in an array of colors so you should choose hues that will perfectly match your palette. Examples of fine colors to work with are mocha, gold and beige. These are lighter compared to other stones and will look very appealing with other light background colors. They also make a good contrast with hardwood or steel.

Granite vanity tops from Italy come in several sizes plus a wide array of color schemes. You can choose to accentuate and detail your Italian bathroom vanities by choosing granite as a back splash or installed bowl. All features you wish to add may be customized and cut according to your specifications. You can also use more than one type of granite to combine colors or mix textures since there are bump outs and rough designs as well. One of the main strengths of granite is that it is able to present itself beautifully in its natural state.

When Buying Italian Bathroom Vanities

It is important to know the main features and items that your vanity should have so you get the most out of your money. Some Italian vanities are very affordable while others may cost around $2,000 or more depending on the style, materials and make. Pre-drilled faucet holes should match the faucet you intend to install. There are different sizes available like 4 to 8-inch contours. The back splash may be made of Italian marble or granite with matching colors.

Check the deck, edge and ends if these are properly finished and eased. Undermount bowls may also be available made of china, marble or granite. Undermount sinks may come in one or a combination of colors and materials with built-in overflow. These are all usually included in standard models. You may choose to have additional details like bullnose, demi-bullnose, bevel or ogee custom edging. Depending on the quote you’re getting, you can have cuts and edges customized. Mirrors may be customized as well in terms of size and shape.

Stone Care

Since you have marble and granite in your Italian bathroom vanity, it is important to follow a few simple rules of proper maintenance. Use non-acidic soap scum remover or mild liquid dishwashing detergent to clean the surface. Be careful to use these agents sparingly or you risk dulling or streaking the surface. Rinse and dry the surface well after washing.

Avoid ammonia, bleach, grout cleaners, tile cleaners, vinegar, lemon and other acidic or abrasive cleaners to protect the stones. In the case of spillage, blot immediately and never rub or wipe. Wash then dry the area with water afterwards. You may have a professional clean and maintain the vanity once a year to keep its beauty and elegance lasting for many years to come.

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