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Granite Bathroom Vanities

June 22, 2019
Granite Bathroom Vanities

Granite is one of the best materials you can work with for your bathroom vanity. There are several styles, colors and textures that you can choose and mix in order to get the comfortable and elegant look you’ve always wanted. You don’t need to spend much or hire a professional since maintenance is very easy for the average individual.

Color Basics

First, determine the main color palette of your bathroom so you can choose a bathroom vanity that compliments or stands out. If you wish to make the granite bathroom vanity the main highlight, you can invest in bright and dramatic hues. Neutral tones are also available to compliment the overall color theme. The pattern is also important since it can make or break the size of the room. Smaller bathrooms may require small top patterns to avoid the vanity from making the area seem crowded or too small.

The lighting you’re using in the bathroom also needs to compliment the granite bathroom vanity. Dark colors require more light or else you risk losing space again. Lighter tones like beige, white and yellow are safer to use if you’re using small light fixtures or yellow bulbs. When contrasting colors, consider the floor, ceiling and walls. If these are all of the same color or close, you may pick a radically new tone but stick to your palette at all times.

The monochromatic color theory intends to make a very comfortable, relaxing and nice environment. You can achieve this by choosing a color that belongs to the same family or category with your main color palette. The analogous color theory intends to create a subtle and dramatic effect to the room. You choose colors adjacent to the main object in order to better compliment it. You can also try a triadic color scheme wherein three colors are used with equal degrees of difference on the color wheel. It intends to create a symmetrical and balanced look in the area. Since you’re using granites, it is ideal to pick colors that are already existing in the room may it be in the specks or traces on the stone.

More on Granite

Granite comes in different qualities so make sure you choose grade A so you avoid fishers and discolorations. Granite bathroom vanities are very easy to maintain and clean since these are very durable and long-lasting. A sealer once a year is enough to keep the elegance and luster of the stone. When choosing granite, determine its strength, abrasion, resistance, hardness and color. Try to look for a reputable supplier so you have a clear idea about the properties and that ratings are based on the ASTM or American Society for Testing and Materials.

Granites may be labeled or named by manufacturers and sellers depending on their physical properties and color. There are several granite bathroom vanities using gold or yellow with hints of dark brown or red. These usually have the name “Gold” plus a signature label. Some granite may be named according to their place of origin like France, Italy and Spain. In particular, there is the Venetian granite vanity coming from Brazil which features brown and gold specks. It looks very majestic and fits luxurious bathroom designs. You will be able to find several ready-made granite bathroom vanities with different colors, contrasts and patterns.

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